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Updating just for Saskia. As she wants to know how last night went and this is her reward for when she's done working. :)

I met Mustafa last night.
Me and Jo went to meet him at 8, but he changed it to half 8. Then it ended up being 10 and I waited another half hour and then they arrived at 11. Mustafa and Michael had been out most of the day so fair enough. They hadn't even had tea, went and got changed, then met us. I was just glad that he turned up, even if it meant I only got an hour to spend time with him.
So we spoke a little, I was still a bit shy but not as bad as I was on Thursday. He went upstairs and outside to smoke and I went with him, we talked about his studies and where he'd been yesterday. In Turkey he lived near the sea so over here, he misses it so him and Michael went to Scarborough and Whitby and that cheered him up and I thought that was just so damn cute! We spoke about the idiot who drove into his car as well & my nursing and how he wants to see what my uniform is like, I was like "Uhmm we'll see lol". He said if I wanted we could go out into Leeds next weekend or the weekend after as he's taking Michael out round Leeds. He pointed out that I need to get better shifts, 'cause they are terrible tbh! He also mentioned about us meeting on Wednesday, so I hope it happens. Though I'll be sleeping for a while first, recovering from my night shift!
If I remember correctly, when me & Mustafa went upstairs Jo & Michael talked about them coming down to Tad one Friday or Saturday, so that way we can talk as it won't be as loud or busy!
He told me that he's an Au Pair, I'm not sure if he lives with the family etc but I know that he drives a girl called Alex (16) to school and picks her up. Also his English course is only for 6 months and he starts in February. He said it's good because he just needs to learn the verbs I think it was. & then he's going to go on to Uni and he mentioned York, Leeds, & Newcastle atm.
I did want to kiss him but I didn't say anything this time. :p I just, I can't get enough of him! I felt so deprived as I only got to spend an hour with him but it was better than nothing. We kissed goodbye but it was just a nice small kiss. :D
The thing is, I realize I don't know a lot about him but I do like him... :/ Which I guess is good, but also I think it's not because I don't even know if we're "seeing each other", y'know?
Like I explained to Mhairi earlier. One of the nurses at work today asked me if I had a boyfriend and I replied with "... I'm seeing someone" and then I thought to myself, "What? Am I actually seeing him though?! :S" I just felt like I can't really say that until I know what he is thinking/feeling about things. Just felt like it's not right for me to say something like that without knowing his thoughts! So if we meet on Wednesday, I shall see how that goes and take it from there.
One thing I am worried about though. My mum had told my brother about "this guy", and when he picked me up with Nicola and Helen (Slater, they're friends). Nicola goes "So who's this Italian guy?" I was like, "Omg". I explained that he's not Italian and that he is Turkish. So I had to explain that I met him one night out and we had a good time, basically. I didn't say much because Helen Slater was there! & I know that it's going to get back to Becca Goodall now! Which I don't want. I didn't want loads of people knowing about him because I didn't want to put pressure on the situation and I didn't want to take any chances of jinxing it. I realize there's plenty of photos on Facebook of me and him from Thursday but still. :/ I'm happy with you guys knowing but I just didn't want anyone else to know. Even though Coops knows but she's in Notts, and Jason only knows that I like this Turkish guy. Agh, am I worrying over nothing?
I just feel like when I tell people and word gets around, that it jinxes it some how and that just screws up any chance of me having a relationship with someone. Y'know? :/
It's like, at the moment I am happy with my life and things are going good. And it's my life so I don't want loads of nosey buggers getting involved, questioning things. Hmm

One thing which is really important to me. I realize this MAY be a while off but, If anything did happen and we gave it a go/got serious, I'm a little nervous of him meeting my family. Because no one would be expecting me to date some random Turkish guy lol not in a bad way but y'know. But besides that, there's only one approval that means so much to me and that's my Grandads. He's always been there for me, he's spent the last 10 years almost asking me if I have a boyfriend yet everytime that I see him. & I know that he'll know who's right for me and who isn't. But agh, it just makes me so nervous. I don't need anyone elses approval y'know, I couldn't care less but my Grandads means so much to me! I know it's nothing to worry about atm, and that I may not have to worry about it at all depending on what happens. But the thought is still there. :/

At the beginning of the night when me and Jo went to The Lowther, this Scottish guy and some other guy came and sat with us. And within a couple of minutes asked if we had boyfriends, Jo said "yeah" and I was like "I'm seeing someone" lol just so they'd hopefully leave us alone. They were a bit weird, and the guy who sat down next to me looked absolutely wasted and it was only half 8ish! & he kept making noises like a horse and liking his hand. So I drank up quick and we left! When we went outside, the bouncer who came over earlier asked if we were Ok because he wasn't going to let them 2 lads in but was going to keep an eye on them. He was lovely that bouncer, ha.
Then we went to Monty's and saw Jess Mayner for her 19th, also saw Ant! Looks so different these days and I am sure he's lost weight? We also saw Darius which was nice! But Kitch didn't come out, surprise surprise lol.

Also, I just want to point out that even though you all know, me and Jo are good now and I am so glad. :) & Jo thank you so much for coming with me last night. :) Love youuu.xx

So yes. The important thing in that was Saskia's update on Mustafa.




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